Photography is one of Alexandra's true deep passions since she was very young. She makes pictures which focus on what other people overlook, focusing on details keeps the viewer into the “now”; and preventing them from worrying about the future or regretting the past. She searches for the unknown, peculiar stories, the uncommon in the common.

To her, photography is not just a profession, but a way to live and view the world. She uses photography as a means to document the world around her. "Images are a huge part of today's world and they have great potential to document reality and express the imaginary universe. They can stimulate thoughts and challenge opinions. We take pictures as a return ticket to memories. In a world where we are becoming everyday more disconnected from each other and ourselves, I strongly believe that art may help to reconnect ourselves to our feelings and the spiritual inside our soul. No other language is so powerful".

I was born myself with a rare non-curable genetic disease, which causes many kinds of disabilities. I see myself also as a fighter and a superwoman. I've always thought, as Nicole does, that the limits are in our mind because you can live your dream and your life even if you have a chronic disease. Of course, it will be not easy and we need to sometimes just make the best of it. But where there is a will, there is a way and we are the proof.

Thanks to my study in documentary photography in medicine, I could realize my goal, making portraits and storytelling about people with rare genetic and chronic conditions. The diseases are not always rare and the people are from different cultures, showing what it means to live with a special friend and letting the camera go deep inside of people’s feelings with a 360 degree view of the subjects.

I am expressing both a psychological and spiritual point of view. I want to show that no matter our condition we are just human beings who dream and want to enjoy our lives, to work and love as other people.

Very often people think that having a disability means just staying home, not having a life with passions, autonomy, intelligence and sensitivity. I hope to create awareness and acceptance about this delicate and sensitive topic through my photo documentary series and create a platform and network to help people, individuals who were born different like me understand that life is not over, as one of my inspirations (Stephen Hawkings) always said, you need to choose your dream/work, where your condition doesn't limit you.

As a photographer and writer, I consider a picture as “a poem without words”, for this reason I also write a poem for every project to explain the concept of the story. The poem about Nicole is entitled, The Rooster and The Superwoman.