Urban Break

The Urban Break concept came up with an idea of Alexandra (Xander Productions) to do a video project about urban dance in relation to the environment. Dorit from Durga then decided to elaborate on the initial thought and combine the idea with original hip hop style of the eighties; decorating the notion with vintage clothes from the same era; from a study of how the already existing architectural structures can be used in the context of art recycling and movement

I and my assistant Giulia Montanari (https://www.facebook.com/giuliasrcphoto/ ) chose for the environment of an abandoned building with the harmonious movement of a dancer blending the space with vintage garments; transforming the terrain with life and soul. As location we have chosen the Autonomous Squat Poison Pointz (Baarsjesweg) in Amsterdam.

The Model is the Break Dancer and Hip Hop singer Suzuke Chan alia Miss poppy.

The Make up and Hair Design made by Ilaria Fanelli Vintage Clothes by Durga

Photography: Alexandra Krantz