alexandra krantz

Photographer and Filmmaker Alexandra Krantz is based in Amsterdam. Currently, her main topics for her photographic documentary projects are focused on disability, social issues and cultural identities. She uses visual storytelling to introduce people with rare and chronic conditions, from different cultures, showing in 360 degrees what it means living with an illness or in a specific cultural environment and expressing both a psychological and spiritual point of view.

Photography is one of her true deep passions since she was very young. She makes pictures which focus on what other people overlook, focusing on details keeps the viewer into the “now”; and preventing them from worrying about the future or regretting the past. She searches for the unknown, peculiar stories, the uncommon in the common.

To her, photography is not just a profession, but a way to live and view the world. She uses photography as a means to document the world around her. "Images are a huge part of today's world and they have great potential to document reality and express the imaginary universe. They can stimulate thoughts and challenge opinions. We take pictures as a return ticket to memories. In a world where we are becoming everyday more disconnected from each other and ourselves, I strongly believe that art may help to reconnect ourselves to our feelings and the spiritual inside our soul. No other language is so powerful".

Limits are in your mind, short portrait of Alexandra in Dutch

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