This project emerged from Alexandra who prompted Dorit Kozlowski to celebrate the genuine nature and beauty of Janice Joplin. We both wanted to show these incredible poets in the light of inspiration and leave out the so often quoted destructive side.

The clothing for the shooting is all from DURGA. It’s a smashing mix comprising of vintage gowns, redesigned dresses from the seventies and up-cycled materials from the same era.

We choose the location - Cafe Doors Palace in Amsterdam, as it completely matches the theme - it's authentic, real, with wonderful staff, iconic music and rocking mood.

MODELS: Marta Fu Be, Dorit Kozlowski, Heidi Pavliska


Photography: Alexandra Krantz


She is like a brightly
colored chameleon.
She is constantly changing,
like her art.
She is always looking for the harmony
that you can find in the Nirvana.
A harmony that shines through in her style,
enchanting everyone.
Her positive, explosive energy can inspire you;
enlighten you like the blinding light of the sun.
She makes magic with her warm colors,
playing with our creativity.
Her style is like a motor
that generates my art.

Poem by Alexandra Krantz

(Poetry inspired by the DURGA fashion collection and Janis Joplin)