GRASS SNAKE by Maarit Hänninen and Dorit Kozlovski

One of a kind ethical art haute couture COAT from DURGA brand in collaboration with artist Maarit Hänninen (Finland).

This exclusive coat was born and livened by the gentle strokes of the artist Maarit Hänninen who intensively hand painted without a pause for 7 days on sustainable hemp fabric. She was using canvas paints in many layers to bring out the depth of the painting.

She picked the colors to reflect the Durga brand vision and chose to depict the Finno Ugric mythology as the theme for the coat, which roots are deep in nature and worshipping Nature.

Every plant, tree, and animal in the Finno Ugric culture had an underlying meaning, superstition or prediction. Every bit of nature was considered to be a sign; where intuition played the most significant role in everyday life.

This coat is a collective collaboration with the purpose to revive some of the ancient handcrafting traditions and wisdom, to shed light on archaic shamanism in the North of Europe - on the Finno Ugric mythology and culture.

Photography: Xander Productions

Model, Make-up, Hair, Styling, Art director: Visual Susana

Clothing and Styling by Dorit Kozlovski

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Location: Pathé Tuschinski Theater, Amsterdam

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