the wayto the harbor

I had not seen her in years.
She left when she was still a little girls.
I was admiring her on her beloved stone bench
near the shore of the Adige.

She must have been thirty years old or something,
that face without age,
which for me would have remain forever
linked to a famous group of friends
in the '80s and '90s living in the street
nearby the harbor.

She was the only girl,
she was barely ten years old
when she became part of that group
whose secret nest was "a living room".

They were already teenagers already,
she... a little naïve girl
who in felt important in that room,
and became prematurely adult.

For them,
she will forever remain their mascot.

her passion for the movies began,
which would have marked her future profession.
It started one of the most special friendships,
which still accompanies her and her friend
in their passions every day.

At my sight,
she jumped up and came to me...
I could glimpse that tattoo on her arm
"The way to the Harbor”.

For her that tattoo did not symbolize
a street or a place,
but the room where she turned
from unripe caterpillar
into a smiling mature butterfly.