the valkyri

entangled her mind,
while returning from the last battle.
After months,
in that field trained by her guide,
who had no mercy,
even for a lady...
He saw just an ancient warrior,
after thousands metamorphoses,
the warrior who never come back,
He did not know
that she liked,at times,
to meet in peace with her soul,
in the wild woods;
and so there is why she was missing
for long times.
She preferred, free winds and violence,
which she met through those winding paths
in Transylvania.
Into those paths, she could find every trap,
but thirst for freedom and everlasting peace...
She spent whole months meditating,
then hunting pure evil,
coming back, reborning,
as she was triumphant in battle.
Coming back, with sharp teeth,
shining, opposing everyone who
dominated, burning villages,
torturing, robbing poor people.
Those arrived with their hate and desire of power,
killed every noble soul.
As hers.