the sweet side of a warrior

She was 18 years old
when she arrived inside my nest,
she had the kind of eyes that could
enchant everything around her;
especially if she was using her marvelous voice.

To me, she was still just a baby playing the adult,
but if you were getting close to her fire,
you could see the look she got.

It was the same look of an adult
who went to hell and back,
back from a battle, tried
but winning and knowing this fire very well.

To me, she could have stepped out
of a ninentheen century painting,
in my mind she could portray an iconic image of cinema,
a female vampire from her native Transylvania.

I saw her changing many different skies and fires;
every time I see her, how she looks at me;
I feel her strength growing every time.

She is becoming more and more like a Valkyrie.
To me, she will always be my sweet baby Xena.

That's how i will always remember her!