She is laying in their bed,
now swimming in it alone
and it still speaks about him;
about how they have loved each other
in their great sorrow.

How he looked at her,
making her dancing around the room.

He made her feel unique
each time they were together,
his honesty made her inclined to hope,
maybe she could change him.

But in her heart,
she knew that it would have been a battle against windmills ...

He was always the same plot,
he did not promise anything to her.

Now he has closed the door to the room
where they kept their love.

He left her in their bed without answers,
that perhaps will never come.

Will he return on tiptoe to re-open that door once more?
Will he kidnap her from the sadness that
he imposed on her ?
Will they love each other again?

Maybe it was just a beautiful dream,
fruit of their minds.