The memories in her mind had stopped right at that moment,
a moment that for her would have last for the eternity.
That evil called "carcinoma" stole the person she loved the most.

At that time her instinct chose to run,
through the path of the absence of sounds;
differently from many of her peers who adored to run
after each other in the one of the impossible dramas.

From then on she would have worn the silence
as a comfortable dress, enveloping her whole body.

That young and still green face was standing
in the middle of the path towards its natural destination:
The adults Kingdom.

But in that instant, she changed her course,
rather lengthening the way to her goal.

She got lost several times dancing in the rain,
within the jungle of music, searching for that perfect wave,
with desperately melancholy sound.

Melancholy like her, since she could no longer have him next to her.
His absence sometimes still walks through the ways of her heart,
caressing her deep in her soul.

Her continuous searching for him led her onto the path
of the unknown enigmatic air, whose skin
seemed to possess something familiar.

One night she shared a bit of her suffering with that creature
with mysterious past which from that day
so far away wouldn’t have left her alone anymore.

At dawn she spoke to her and to the dew drops about his past,
his family, about when he was with them.
It was very rare that she talked about him with the people.

Everyone believed that her silences were due to her not knowing
what to say, alas, how wrong they were!

She had a lot to say, and she still has it.

But she confides it only to those she feels they can understand her
even if she only whispers.

That arcane figure revealed to her in the sparkling air of the morning,
that the moments with him will no longer return to the form she would like;
but they will live forever inside of her, because she keeps them
in the safest place ever. She holds them in her heart.

It’s not known who have sent that girl.

She likes dreaming, in her dark moments, that she has been sent
by him to protect her, and make her smile.

Now her present seems to have a more calm sea than the past,
in which the storm reigned.

He now knows, to have the hope that she will find again the harmony,
and the strength that she had when he was there with her.