the girl with marzipan amor (armour for uk)

You could see her serving at the tables as if she was dancing
a rare dance that few ones knew.

She had a mysterious movement that sometimes
could be confused with dead calm,
but looking in detail with scrupulous eyes,
you could realize it was just apparent.

Indeed, around, there was a hurricane
intermittently compulsive like her energy.

An energy, still rough ,that could not even lightly touch
the proximity of the inner peace.

That girl as tall as a gnome, who thought to be strong
and unbeatable, still did not possess the fundamental key.

The master key to control the impulse,
powerful like a tornado,
which carried away in one breath
anyone who was not able to counter her energy.

It needed a person where a higher force resided.

Her poor soul, she thought was arid
and wild as an abandoned field.

She let to be enraptured by a mysterious vortex.

She still did not see the reality.

If she had possessed really cynical eyes,
she would have discovered that her beloved armor,
alas, was made of only marzipan!
One day another unique creature like her came to town.

She was a wild mountain elf who survived to hell,
and she had been able to find the way,
which would have brought her to the so much sought eternal peace.

That mountain being who loved
the soft white cold of the snow had an energy
that charmed and calmed the soul of the marzipan creature,
thanks to the magical attraction between them.

She managed to break through the lead chains of the door
which contained her heart and her painful secret.

The alpine elf had a mission:
save the little almond paste girl from the thorns she created by herself
and take her on the path to Nirvana.

The two warriors, came out from far aways,
deserved to reach that destination!