the lost love

Often when she is not spied by the the eyes of strangers
in a world that exsists inside of her,
you can see her sliding into the e-mail of her computer,
the only keeper of her intimate confidences.
Her hand stops on a note with the subject:
"somebody can get to you only through you".
A phrase reminiscent of the title of a famous poem,
but for her's the key to open that door
which allows her to dream into a distant epoch,
where the feelings, her extreme sensitivity
had an effect as devastating as drugs.
Now that she knows who she is,
she knows who she is without him.
Now that she understands where she was with him,
She gathers all the lost skies,
and aware of new ones, meant to be explored without him.
Every night she returns to the land where
she had only been with him;
evoking their pure spirits and their magical energy.
That feeling of being victorious even when they were
twenty thousand leagues under the sea level.
Remembering the dreams that they have broken,
the promises they have not kept.
The pain they withstood, to reach themselves,
the same pain who made them vanish into their torment
so that they never made it to their predetermined destination.
Her decision to leave those imaginary horizons that wore her soul out,
and his tacit agreement to let her go alone,
without him, towards new lands and seas ...
This choice made her drown
into the deepest of regrets,
where she still holds that love amongst her greatest secrets.
She prayed that through the cliffs of other seas,
she could find another wanderer like her.
Those stranger 's eyes that made her burn
and get lost in the waves of oblivion,
before almost forgetting him.
But alas that time was brief!
There is a part inside her where no one has ever entered.
You can only get there through Him.
Will there be a day and a place where she will be his again,
with the same spirit and pure essence of that time?
... Or Maybe that will remain forever a beautiful fruit of their minds dreams,
where the word “end” does not exist.