little women

In the park, sitting on a bench,
she was admiring the flora.

She could see a group of young girls...
as she was a long time ago!

Little girls slowly discovering
future women inside of them.

These fruits, now still immature...
What will they become?

She could notice spirited girls,
who one day will dominate the world
sowing envy in women
and raising fear in the future men, competitive,
afraid of losing their role in the society!

But she could also see young dreaming women,
terrified of the world.
Who will follow their dreams?
Who will become mother and bride?
Like the anecdotes told by grandmothers, faded ideals,
as the colour of an old picture.

Some of them still donate, on tiptoe, humility, understanding.
The mature women are often the real guides of the families.
But no man, with virile pride, will admit it!

In a moment she recognized in them the ensign: the rebel!
Where will their attitude bring them?

There is who will remain eternally indomitable,
and will feel strong and will front her bitter reality
between vice and fantasy, with some flashes of happiness
to get then lost again in the darkness of her daily life!

She also identified some eccentric damsels,
some of them will evolve into their being unique,
creating something special that will make their rare souls remembered.

There are those who will follow the values of the family
getting lost under impositions of society!