This was a mysterious autumn...
I walk, I run, I fly and a swindstorm strikes me down...
your voice,I can't stop it, I don't want it.
You were just 20 years old,Jacopo!
With the desire to change the world;
surely you could do that, but he stopped you.
He stopped our happy nights inebriated, just by your positivity.
He stopped the joy that you always gave to anyone
no matter who.
He stopped your wild love for your beautiful red rose,
now she is stuck in a stagnant pool lthat keeps calling your name.
He took you away from everything.
He gave us a cold and sad winter,
It's not like the one we used to love.
The one together with you, your snowboard
and your style in the mountains of Trentino.
A thousand questions tear me apart as fast as lightning...
The biggest question: “Why you?”,
You, the only one benchmark for every people in the trouble.
What heartens my dark mind
Is that you could go out of the scene in one unique act,
with a noble soul, just the way you are!
Only you could do this,
take up the cudgels for two beings in need of care.
You were hurt and your blood dripped down for your young body,
in spite of all, you have never stopped,
you fought until the last beat of your heart... as a Hero!
Unlike the hereos in films or the ones on TV screens,
Or those in the history books which we read at school.
You will always be our urban hero,
which showed to everyone that also our generation
have people with real values.
Goodbye, I hope wherever you are,you will always encourage us
to fight in your name to help the weakest, like you did!
Thank you for your existence and presence in our lives