the bohemain girl

Since the early university days looking around about the various
corners and squares of the city where the students gathered,
I was enchanted by the view of certain subjects from the picturesque air,
As if they had stepped out of a Degas painting.

A figure who fascinated me instantly, that of the Bohemian girl!
So my mind nicknamed her.

That being tall, skinny, with spotted colored red hair,
she reminded me of Janis Joplin.

One of the idols of that era far away, who saw dancing
my mother just eighteen.

She told me proud that period was the only one time where young people
revolutionized art, culture, customs, and human thought.

That creature eccentrically dressed in different styles combined,
that black jacket with silver buttons which reminding me of Napoleon,
with those bright coloured hemp pants, which appeared
to be stolen from Joan Baez's closet.

She had two big eyes looking at details
that not everyone could observe;
behind the straight and safe posture she conveyed,
she was hidding an insecure and intellectual soul.

She spoke about deep subjects assuming a revolutionary air
which reminded me of the French May 1968;
whereby we have known only at school!

She was a union of authors, artists and eras I also followed,
and they brought me to dreamy faraway places where
I could refuge myself from the cold reality of adults.

The bohemian era, now she left it behind,
but her uniqueness of that time it has been imprinted
in my childish spirit.